About Us

HR Executives Connected 

HR Executives Connected is an online network group on LinkedIn with more then 500 senior HR Executives from around the world.  The network is aimed at building a qualitative Human Resources network through discussion forums, best practices sharing and networking(both 1-1 and in a group setting).

Aim of HR Executives Connected

Aim of HR Executives Connected is to connect both senior HR practitioners, researchers and professors working in the field of HR across the globe. This does result in a qualitative network of senior HR professionals across the globe with the intent to drive innovation and leadership in the HR function across the globe.

How we work 

The HR Executives Connected Group is exclusively for members of the HR Executives Connected network. The network is advised by an Advisory Board which is made up of senior HR Executives with a proven track record. This Board gets together frequently to share thoughts about latest HR research, insights and trends. These insights are then used to form an interesting agenda for our members.

There are a number of ways we use to stay in touch with our network members:

  • Expertise request; If you're dealing with a specific topic and you'd like some additional insights and creative ideas then a 1-1 conversation or focus group with members of the group is the forum to utilise. 
  • Blog; On a regular bases we'll provide a blog with opinions and insights on the HR industry - interesting readings where you can contribute yourself as well! If you have an interesting story to tell let us know and we'll post it! 
  • Quarterly Calls; Every quarter we'll be organising a HR Executives Connected network call on a relevant HR theme and with support of interesting guest speakers. 
  • News Feeds; To ensure you're up to date on the latest HR trends and newsfacts we'll be feeding  you with relevant HR news on a regular bases.