01 October 2012

Letter from HREC: October 2012

Dear HR Executives Connected members,

Welcome to our new website! 

I hope you enjoy this interactive site with great features such as a regular blog to which you can reply yourself, inspirational videos, the HREC member of the week and many more!

If you have postings, a blog or relevant HR news yourself that you want to share please don’t hesitate and share it with me at stendert@krommendam.com. Remember that the forum is there for you to share, interact and network with more then 500 senior HR executives from across the globe!

First thing I’d like to hear from you is which topics would interest you for our upcoming group calls.
I’ve put together a few suggestions:

  • What does successful succession management looks like; the majority of companies do cover certain elements of succession planning but when is succession management really effective? What does success looks like and what are best some of the best practices across the globe?
  • HR leads business success through HR innovations – What is your HR innovation which did lead to direct business impact.
  • Building employee engagement through story telling – how can story telling be leveraged to build employee engagement.
  • HR vs the CEO – we often discuss the added value of HR and how we can contribute to the business we work for et al. It’s now time to close this discussion for once and for all – HR is a business in itself and therefore could also lead the way to business growth. In this call we’ll zoom in on how we can build this business case to the CEO.
  • HR 2030 – what are the main future HR trends and what will HR look like in 2030. Will we have small specialised HR departments where we rely on insourced HR services or are there other trends that will lead the way?
These are just some of the topics that I suggest but would like to get your feedback – give your opinion now and place a comment.


Stendert Krommendam


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